Saturday, February 4, 2017


 I miss Fall. It is hard to look outside now at the ground that seems it will only ever be white and frozen and remember that there was a time when the grass was green and I actually thought it was too hot to go to the park.
 We went to the apple orchard at BYU-Idaho a couple times to get apples. We took them home and made amazing applesauce. All apples taste bland now compared to these gems.

 We met our friends from Rexburg there one afternoon. Then we tour around campus smelling the flowers and running around the gazebos and gardens.

 This is Tautphaus Park. We actually brought rakes one afternoon and made leaf piles to jump in. Ah, all that glorious color!

 Between general conference sessions we gleaned potatoes from one of our farmer friends. So many potatoes! Then, we took them home and made french fries!

 More apple orchard. This time Daddy came!

 My little David is a champion on his strider bike.  He wanted to ride his bike to school until we could no longer do it because of the snow.
 Bat mustache.
 Painting. Everyone loves to paint.

 Tautphaus Park. So green and beautiful. Hard to believe Edmund and I skied down this hill just a week ago.

 Freeman Park. Fall was so kind to us last year. It lasted a long time. It was beautiful and warm and colorful!

 Such happiness here in the leaves.

 Our Canadian Thanksgiving Feast! Hooray for a husband that brought more holidays to our family!

 David's preschool at the pumpkin patch.

 Caleb is an eye roller.

 I was pretty proud of my Star Wars costumes I made this year. We had three Jedi and Kylo Ren. This coming Halloween is my turn for a Star Wars costume. I want to be part of this cool Jedi family too.

 We found these super hero masks and wrist bands at Hobby Lobby. They had leftover stickers, so Caleb got to make one too. I love when the boys dress up. They aren't really into dressing up, so it is fun when they wear their super hero masks and capes.